Social Media Engagement

Posting content is important to stay relevant. Listening to your audience and others is just as important (if not more) to grow your ecosystem and community.

What’s Included?
Like, Comment & Reply with Page Audience
Screen, Review, & Reply to Messages
Process & Manage Alerts & Notifications
Digital Outreach by Engaging with Other's Content

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Social Media Platforms all want one thing - to create communities. How does this happen?

A lot of times, companies think that just posting content is enough. This is not true. Posting content is the equivalent of talking and talking and talking. You haven't done any LISTENING! Social listening happens when you or your company acknowledge other people and companies that are posting and commenting on content.

Are you responding to messages (in a timely manner)? The speed in which you respond to comments and messages matters...the platforms are measuring you.

Are you reaching out to others, businesses or individuals, and starting conversations with them? The platforms are watching you and taking it into consideration when calculating your algorithm. What kind of numbers are you giving them to work with?

The more social listening you do, the more your content will be shown to your audience and to potential audiences.

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