Nick Gartside is back at Social Media Torch

Nick is back at Social Media Torch

If you can't listen because you are at work the transcript is below... Enjoy!

- [Lindsay] No more jumping back and forth, no more split attention. How do you feel Nick?

- [Nick] Amazing. I woke up this morning. I nearly hopped out of my bed going, I get to focus. I get to focus and it's just, it's so alleviating because before it was like, all right, it was like, I had, my world was almost like in a diamond. Right. I had Social Media Torch. I had firearms, legal protection. I had church and leadership and I had my family and I was just, I felt like it was just being pulled in too many different directions My stress was just through the roof and now it's down, it's down to triangle. I have Social Media Torch, I have my family and I have my church, I have where I serve and it feels so much more balanced.

- [Lindsay] Like somebody let go of your one arms.

- [Nick] Oh my goodness. Just so much more balanced.

- [Lindsay] You know those torture machines from the old days when they would take your limbs and they would stretch them until you talked. No?

- [Nick] She just allevia--. Torture machine, no, it was not a torture machine. It was just being pulled in multiple directions. It was just, it was a lot.

- [Lindsay] Like the torture machine. I don't even know what that's called.

- [Nick] I don't know what it's called either, but.